Sue Toth Recognized as Volunteer of the Year

2017 VOY Sue Toth Blog

For the past eight years, Sue Toth has demonstrated her heart of gold at LindenGrove New Berlin by volunteering and making a real difference in the lives of residents.

Earlier this month, LindenGrove staff members and residents showed their gratitude by awarding her the volunteer of the year honor at an appreciation event.

“She’s pretty special,” said Nancy Charles, activities director at LindenGrove. “She really is one of those people who is always real positive and is constantly thinking of others.”

Sue’s great aunt lived at LindenGrove for more than two years, and while visiting regularly, Sue saw LindenGrove to be a special place.
(She) was like a second Mom to me,” said Sue. “She was deaf and had dementia, but everyone treated her with such loving care that after she passed away, I decided I wanted to do something to help & support the staff that took such good care of her!”

Since then, Sue’s touched countless families. She started a beading group where she and two others volunteer twice a week to help residents bead. She purchases all the beads – thousands of dollars’ worth and counting – that are used.

Each year, the campus holds an auction for residents to bid on gift baskets with pretend money. It’s wildly popular. Behind each and every one of those gift baskets is Sue, who personally picks out and donates the items.

Besides the bead groups and auction, she also accompanies residents on bus trips to places like the Milwaukee Zoo and other area attractions, volunteers with her church to provide nail care and play game with residents, and much more.

“She just wants to brighten the lives of our residents every day,” said Charles. “And that’s pretty special.”

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