Trevor Keister / Care Partner of the Quarter – Waukesha

Gentle, kind and respectful are just a few of the many positive comments Certified Nursing Assistant, Trevor Keister’s co-workers use to describe him.  In her nomination letter, Kali McConville, activities coordinator at the Waukesha campus writes, “When I worked at the Lodges the residents constantly told me how much they like him.  If I ever needed help with gathering residents or if I asked him to help somebody get to an activity, he was always approachable and helped as much as he could without making me feel like I was being a bother.”

Since starting in 2020 at The Lodges, the advanced assisted living facility on the Waukesha campus, Trevor has attracted quite the resident fanbase.  “They’re very infatuated with me,” he says amused, “there are a couple of residents that want to talk, but how they do it is by asking, ‘Can you help me turn on the TV?’ I turn it on and say, ‘All you have to do is press the button,’ and they answer with a sly smile, ‘Oh, is that how you do it,’” he laughs, “Yeah, I see what they’re doing.”

From early on, Trevor knew he had an interest in caring for seniors, “Before I was a CNA, my grandfather’s health was declining and we moved him into our home, I took care of him for over a year.  He encouraged me and I saw what type of help the older generation needs and I realized that I would be a great fit, so I took a course through MCFI and became CNA and CBRF certified and started my first job in assisted living.”  That was seven years ago, since then Trevor continues to be focused on providing his residents with top quality care and at times laser-focused!  Like when he learned he was chosen as Care Partner of the Quarter, he explains, “My mind was set on working and when the nurse came in to congratulate me for being Employee of the Quarter and my mind’s not registering and I answered ‘Oh, okay, I have to get back to work,’” he laughs, “As the day went on, I realized, Oh… I’m Employee of the Quarter!”

Trevor’s passion for caring and devotion to his job really shows.  “I go out of my way, I take my time, I’m honest and I don’t take shortcuts,” he says proudly “I go the extra mile for the residents.”  And his co-workers agree, “When I overheard him talking to a resident or saw him helping someone, he was always respectful and treats them with dignity,” says Kari McConville.

Congratulations to Trevor Keister for being chosen as Waukesha’s Care Partner of the Quarter!

You truly make a positive difference in the lives of LindenGrove’s residents!

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