Our Transition Program

From the HOSPITAL to US and all the way HOME ... we're with you throughout your recovery. 

Our Transition Program is designed to successfully return you to the life you love. We do this by bringing together everyone who is caring for you, including your doctor and the hospital team, family, insurance provider and community agencies such as home health, to give you transition home. The goal is to help you avoid set backs that may result in an unnecessary emergency room visit or hospital readmission.

The Hospital

While you're at the hospital, our nurse is collaborating with you, your doctor and the hospital team to ready you for discharge.

LindenGrove Communities

You'll experience top-notch rehab and care here. While you do, we'll continue to work with your doctor and others to prepare you for your return home

Your Home

After you return home, our nurse will continue to collaborate with you, your doctor and community agenices for the next 90 days

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The Transition Program is currently available at our Mukwonago and Waukesha campuses.