Sweets for a Cause: LindenGrove Communities Hosts Easter Bake Sale for Charity

LindenGrove staff at the Easter Bake Sale

New Berlin — LindenGrove New Berlin campus staff came together this past week to host an Easter bake sale for charity. The event, organized by the community’s activities coordinators, was a great success, with many residents and local community members turning up to show their support.

The bake sale took place in New Berlin’s first-floor lobby, decorated head to toe with posters and bright-colored pastels for the special occasion. 

Tables were set up around the room, each laden with delicious treats baked by staff members, people from the community, or the residents themselves. There were trays of cookies, brownies, cupcakes, muffins, and various savory items. Overall, the wide variety of treats offered a little something for everyone. 

Many of the LindenGrove residents had been anticipating the event for weeks. One individual stated, “Ann’s legendary chocolate-covered pretzels are the reason I woke up with a smile today.”

Why the LindenGrove Bake Sale Was So Important 

The Easter bake sale was more than just an opportunity for people to show off their baking skills and send home families with tasty treats for the holidays. That’s because all proceeds from the sale were donated to the Community Projects for Seniors charity that helps provide meals for low-income seniors in Waukesha County.

Ann Mastrostefano, a staff member at LindenGrove, is intimately familiar with the cause.

“My husband and I both volunteer at Community Projects for Seniors,” Mastrostefano said. “The work they do to help members of our community during the holidays to prevent people from feeling lonely is second to none.”

Today, the organization, which has been around since 1986, has roughly 450 volunteers and serves more than 15,000 meals a year to older people living in subsidized housing in 50 cities and towns across eight counties in Wisconsin.

LindenGrove communities are passionate about caring for their residents, making it a wonderful place to live. Still, they also understand some of the challenges the members of the community face and want to help be part of the solution.

The staff and residents had fun contributing to such a worthy cause, and the charity was grateful for LindenGrove’s generosity.

New Berlin’s Bake Sale Brought the Community Together 

LindenGrove’s Easter bake sale also served another purpose for residents. That’s because it doubled as a social event that brought them closer to their community, many of whom were able to catch up with friends, children, and neighbors over a delicious treat.

It was heartwarming to see residents chatting and laughing together and to witness firsthand the sense of community fostered by the event put on by LindenGrove’s activity coordinators.

“It’s exciting that they put on these kinds of events for us at LindenGrove,” a resident said. “Getting to stay a part of the community is important to all of us, but it’s even more important to share our new community here at New Berlin with our loved ones…it’s special.”

Overall, the bake sale was a remarkable success and a testament to the hard work, generosity, and community spirit of everyone involved at the LindenGrove New Berlin campus. The event was a reminder that age is just a number and that people of all ages can come together to make a difference in their community.

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