Sue Weber / Care Partner of the Quarter – Menomonee Falls

“Sue is always smiling every time you see her,” Menomonee Falls administrator Julie Fleury says, “you can never tell if she’s having a bad day or not, everything is always positive.”  With her reassuring smile and optimistic attitude, Certified Nursing Assistant and Care Partner of the Quarter for LindenGrove Menomonee Falls, Sue Weber welcomes each day as another opportunity to care for others.  “Everybody here goes out of their way to help the people that come here,” she explains, “We all work hard at it, from the top down, everybody works hard taking care of the people here.”

With her impressive 33-year tenure at LindenGrove’s Menomonee Falls campus, Sue appreciates the variety of her job responsibilities.  “Every day is different, when you come and work, there is always something different, it’s not a factory,” she says, then takes a moment to look around the front lobby and adds, “Also, I like that there are a lot of windows, I live in the country, and I like being able to look outside and enjoy the outdoor beauty.”

However, working as a CNA can be challenging, “It can be hard,” Sue observes, “sometimes you just don’t feel like being here, so before I come to work, I pray to God every day to help me get through the day.”

In addition to her faith, Sue is encouraged by kindhearted residents and the support of her co-workers. “The residents are very nice and sweet and they’re very appreciative and so many of them say thank you and that makes a world of difference,” she says, “For us as CNAs, when people say thank you instead of belittling you, it makes you want to work harder for them, and I see that here, the residents are really nice, all of my co-workers are really nice, and everyone tries to help each other out.”

The Menomonee Falls LindenGrove community has noticed, and they are thankful for Sue’s compassionate care.  “She definitely gets the majority of compliments from families and other co-workers and residents,” says administrator Julie Fleury, “They can see how willing she is to want to ensure that everybody is getting the best customer service possible.  She definitely puts residents first.”

Congratulations to Sue Weber for being chosen as LindenGrove Menomonee Falls Care Partner of the Quarter!  We appreciate you!

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