Shirley Wallace / Care Partner of the Quarter – Mukwonago

David Letterman had his Top Ten list.  Administrator Suzanne Whitty shares her Top Six list of why Shirley Wallace is Mukwonago’s Care Partner of the Quarter.

  1.  She helps all departments when they need help.
  2.  She is great at Customer Service skills
  3.  The residents always give her a great review on the surveys as well as families.
  4.  She is like a mother hen to all of us and helps with potlucks, special events, you name it.
  5.  Team Player
  6.  She has been here a long time.

Over the past 25 years, Shirley has enjoyed her various roles at LindenGrove.  “I do a little of everything, I’m the receptionist, I help with whatever anyone needs help with,” she says.  When asked why she’s stayed so long, she smiles and answers, “there’s a lot of wonderful people here, it’s just a nice place to work, what can I say.”

For Shirley, it’s not just a job, it’s a family affair.  Her daughter, Julie Heath is Mukwonago’s Activities Director.  To celebrate “National Hotdog Day” on July 20th Shirley spent the afternoon serving up hotdogs to residents, visitors and staff while proudly sporting a hotdog hat on her head and a grin on her face.  “I’m always involved in everything, I like to make the residents happy,” she beams.

Residents and staff agree, Shirley’s the best!  Congratulations to Shirley Wallace for being Mukwonago’s Care Partner of the Quarter.

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