Mukwonago Barn Quilt Painters

Just like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae, LindenGrove’s Mukwonago campus Barn Quilt painters created the perfect finishing touch for local farmer, Pete Beth’s barn.  Better yet, it was a complete surprise!  “He had no idea” Rachel Womack, LindenGrove Marketing Director and Pete’s sister explains, “I asked if he could meet me at our Mukwonago campus but didn’t tell him why.”

Working together, Activities Director Julie Heath, Barn Quilt painting instructor and LindenGrove volunteer, Sue Cusick and the group of resident painters created a colorful fish-themed work of art.  “Pete’s family really enjoys fishing and when I saw the design, I knew it would be perfect,” Rachel shares, “I’m so happy and thankful the ladies were able to make it for them.”  Pete is looking forward to completing the barn, “It’s been a lot of work,” he explains, “I’ve built most of it by myself.”  The barn will provide shelter for his family’s cattle and dairy cow, Elma.  Fastening the barn quilt to the front will be the final finishing touch.

This is the first project the Barn Quilt group has painted for a member of the community, but it’s not the last.  “Our next project is painting a barn quilt for Cardinal Tree Service in Mukwonago,” Sue Cusick says proudly, “everyone is really looking forward to it.”

Interested in seeing the group’s work for yourself?  Take a ride past LindenGrove’s Mukwonago campus located at 837 E. Veterans Way and check out the stunning barn quilt above the front entrance.  Over forty residents, staff and volunteers helped to create the splendidly beautiful work of art.

Do you have a hobby or skill you’d like to share with LindenGrove Mukwonago’s residents?  Become a volunteer!

Contact Julie Heath at (262) 363-6830 ext. 2035 or email to learn more.

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