Care Partner of the Year / Karyn Dischler – Mukwonago

If cleanliness is next to godliness, then Karyn Dischler is the queen of pristine at LindenGrove’s Mukwonago campus.  “I love to clean; I love change and rearranging stuff.  I hate clutter,” she explains, “I look forward to everyday because I can see the difference I’ve made.  I enjoy finding projects to do and I’m encouraged to try new things.”

As Housekeeping Supervisor for the entire campus, Karyn is always on the go.  With her creative eye for décor and cheerful personality and it’s easy to see why her co-workers nominated her as Care Partner of the Year for the Mukwonago campus.  “Staff nominated Karyn for her energy and her focus on improving the environment for our residents especially in the assisted living Ridge/Court,” writes Suzanne Whitty, Mukwonago’s Administrator “Her team has consistently received comments from families about how clean the campus is, and her improvements have been noticed.”

Having the opportunity to make those improvements mean a lot to Karyn.  “When I first started, the campus had a commercial feel and I wanted to make it more homelike,” she recalls “They let me try new things because they know that they can trust me.”

Over the past three years, Karyn has been transforming LindenGrove into the warm and welcoming place our residents call home.  “You have to want to do it.  My favorite projects here have been decorating the bridge rooms, updating the sitting areas, creating reading nooks, reorganizing, and being able to give LindenGrove that homelike feel,” she shares “This shouldn’t be a hospital setting; it should be a home setting.”

Both residents and staff appreciate her design skills.  “She is creative and constantly on the look out for items to create a more comfortable and supportive environment,” Suzanne writes, “Staff reported they know when Karyn says, ‘I got it…’ she does it and the end result is always good!”

Karyn Dischler, your hard work and perseverance have paid off and LindenGrove Mukwonago is honored to name you, Care Partner of the Year!  Congratulations!

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