Gricelda “GiGi” Zurita-Lara / Care Partner of the Quarter – Mukwonago

“GiGi goes above and beyond her job duties,” Mukwonago’s Housekeeping Supervisor Karyn Dischler proudly explains, “she is always smiling and polite to everyone.  I never have any worries when I give GiGi a new assignment.”

Housekeeper, Gricelda Zurita-Lara, or GiGi as she is known to her co-workers and residents, truly enjoys her job.  “I love my job, I’m a housekeeper and cleaning makes me happy!” she says smiling, “I like it so much.”  And her co-workers agree, “GiGi was nominated by several co-workers,” Administrator Suzanne Whitty wrote, “they highlighted her kindness and her willingness to go 110% for her residents who appreciate their clean rooms and apartments.”

Working at LindenGrove has been GiGi’s first employment experience since moving here from Mexico.  “When I first came here, I didn’t speak any English… nothing,” she explains, “and I’m learning it here from the people.  They are so nice to me, and they make me feel comfortable.”    Her supervisor, Karyn Dischler agrees, “GiGi has as outstanding personality and our residents LOVE her.”  And the feeling is mutual. “I love the residents,” GiGi says, “they take their time to talk with me and they are so nice.  I like it.”

GiGi takes pride in her work and is committed to providing top-notch cleaning services.  Suzanne Whitty shares, “Another peer wrote, we can depend on her to do what needs doing and to help others when asked.”  Karyn Dischler adds, “GiGi has been my rock many times.  I’m so blessed to have her on my team, and we all appreciate everything she has done and will continue to do for Linden Grove.”  Above all, GiGi appreciates the opportunity to work at LindenGrove Mukwonago, “I’m so grateful and blessed to work here, in this place.”

Congratulations to GiGi for being chosen as Mukwonago’s Care Partner of the Quarter.  Our days and our residents’ days are brighter because of you!

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