Giving Tuesday / Staff Appreciation

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Giving Tuesday

As essential workers, our staff is required to wear the bulky, uncomfortable personal protective equipment for hours, every day.  Despite the challenges, the LindenGrove Care Partners have continued to provide compassionate, loving care while tending to the health and safety of our residents.

As our final Giving Tuesday message this season, we ask for your financial support to help say “Thank You” to our dedicated care staff.  The supportive professionalism our team has shown this year has been exemplary and our residents and their families appreciate it.

We’ve focused on three areas where you can help the Waukesha County community this Giving Tuesday.  Your donation provides Personal Protective Equipment for our facilities, Benevolent Care for those with exhausted resources, and Staff Appreciation for our outstanding care givers.  Even a small gift of $5 will provide support and show your appreciation for our essential workers.  Thank you for your generosity this Giving Tuesday.

The LindenGrove Foundation is a non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.


Won’t you please consider helping families in Waukesha County on December 1?


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