Care Partner of the Year / Daniel Okyere – Menomonee Falls

Certified nursing assistant, Daniel Okyere has been nominated as the 2022 Care Partner of the Year for LindenGrove Communities Menomonee Falls campus.   “I was very happy to learn I was chosen as Care Partner of the Year,” Daniel says proudly.

Having started as a CNA in June 2020, he credits his upbringing and fellow co-workers for his success.  “I’ve learned that charity begins at home, and the kind of environment where I’m from, we respect our elders in particular.  Even when you disagree, you still have to show them love and respect.  You do to others what you expect someone to do to you,” he explains.  “We have a very good team here.  The therapists, nurses, and CNAs, we all work together and help each other a lot.  LindenGrove Menomonee Falls, that’s how we are, the best.  Our teamwork is very good.”

His teammates agree, “Daniel has such a kind heart and always provides the best quality of care for our residents,” writes Administrator Julie Fleury.  “He is always smiling and in good spirits and spreads his joy throughout the entire building. We consistently receive positive comments from residents, families, and staff on how much he is appreciated and what a great job he does. We are so grateful and appreciative to have Daniel as part of the LindenGrove Menomonee Falls family!”

Daniel has learned through experience that providing residents with the best quality of care takes patience.  “No matter how good you are at your job, if you don’t have patience, you will never succeed.  I’ve learned that” he says. “The residents can sometimes be a little slow or some of them want to do their own things the way they want it to be, and you may be a very good worker, they may like you, but if you don’t have patience with them, sometimes they don’t listen to you” he smiles and continues, “If you love what you do and you have patience, you will succeed in everything you do.”

Reflecting on his time at LindenGrove, Daniel is thankful for his accolades and looks forward to the future.  “I don’t have plans of leaving here, LindenGrove Menomonee Falls isn’t the way is used to be.  There are some frustrations here and there, but we have hope that it will get better” he explains, “For now, I’m not planning on going anywhere. I know it’s going to get better.  Sometimes you go through changes and it’s even better than what it used to be; I just hope so.  I’ll hang around and see.”

Daniel Okyere, you are an invaluable member of the Menomonee Falls team and LindenGrove Communities is honored to award you, Care Partner of the Year!  Congratulations!

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