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Wedding Celebration

October 27, 2016

Staff Member Shares Wedding Celebration with Residents

Andreakallie2For months, the talk at LindenGrove Communities memory care home in New Berlin was about Andrea Kallie’s upcoming wedding.

Planning a wedding is lots of work and takes months to complete. Naturally, conversation between residents and their families and Andrea regularly turned to her latest decisions for the big day.

“Certain residents asked all the time to see what my dress looked like, things like that,” said Andrea, a LindenGrove Communities CNA. “(With the small-scale memory care home model) you really do get to know all the residents and their families well, so everyone was really excited for the wedding,”

As the big day got closer, many wanted to see how all the planning came together.

“One of our residents always was saying ‘I just wish you could stop out here,’” Andrea said.

And that’s when Andrea got a great idea – maybe she could pay a special visit to the people she cared so deeply for, but who were unable to attend.

She knew her schedule would be extremely tight on the day of the wedding – the wedding couple would be on the move from morning to night and any delay would mess with timing.

“I debated it. I really did at first. How would I fit it in?” she asked herself.

She knew how excited everyone at LindenGrove Communities would be, though, if she made them part of the day.

“Many of our residents don’t get a chance to see many weddings anymore,” said Andrea. (In the months leading up to our wedding), they heard about it getting put together and, instead of them seeing my wedding day in pictures, I knew it would mean a lot more to them if they were part of it all.”

So she and her husband came up with a plan. After the wedding ceremony when the entire wedding party hopped on a bus to take photographs, the group would make a side trip to LindenGrove Communities to quickly greet everyone there.

The couple thought it would be just them stepping inside to say hello, but instead the entire wedding party decided to depart the bus, including the father of the bride.

“It meant so much to have my father there,” said Andrea.

As the bus unloaded and the party went inside, excitement radiated the home.

“One of my residents was so happy, she was shouting in excitement ‘You came! You came!’”

Residents’ families got word that the wedding party had made a surprise stop, and quickly arrived to join in on the celebration. It was a culmination of several months of captivating conversation.

Andrea said the wedding party stayed for 30 minutes or so, time well spent to bring excitement to her friends at LindenGrove Communities.

Andrea and her husband DJ were married in West Allis, Wisconsin, on Sept. 10, 2016. She has been a CNA with LindenGrove Communities for the past 3 ½ years.