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70th Anniversary

October 31, 2016

Couple celebrates 70 years of Marriage

Orville Lilah 70thOrville and Lilah Losey celebrated their Platinum wedding anniversary, that’s seven decades of marriage, this fall during a celebration at the LindenGrove Communities assisted living apartments in Waukesha.

They recounted how they met, and how countless letters to each other during World War II strengthened their relationship.

Their story is one of chance – Orville, who grew up in Hayward, Wis., had followed one of his 10 siblings to Southeastern Wisconsin.

While working at a retail store near Sheboygan, he was invited to a party by a fellow employee. There was a catch, though. He had to bring a date. New to the area, he couldn’t think of anyone to ask. That’s when a co-worker spoke up and said she had just the person in mind. She was talking about Lilah, her sister. Little did her sister know that decision to speak up would spark an incredible love story.

The two did attend the party together and would go on a few more dates before Orville left for the service. Orville said they liked each other prior to him leaving, but the two formed a real bond while he was away

Almost daily they would send letters to each other from when he left for training all the way through the war as he rose through the ranks to a captain in charge of motor equipment and personnel.

70th anniversary orville“We saved every letter. We have an entire box of them,” said Orville. “I think those letters were the start of it all. I really do.”

When Orville returned to Wisconsin the two made plans for marriage – they set the day for Sept. 21, 1946. He was 24, she was 22.

Through the years, the two – now 94 and 92 – have maneuvered through their share of challenges, but their love for each other has never dimmed.

 “We both care deeply for each other. It’s something we live. We’ve survived our share of problems,” said Orville. “I love her, I tell her every single night.”

“We’ve been blessed,” Lilah added. “We really have been.”

Orville and Lilah currently live at LindenGrove Communities assisted living apartments in Waukesha. The couple married on Sept. 21, 1946, in Greenbush, Wis. They are the proud parents of four children.