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Kathleen Dorfner describes her experience at LindenGrove's Waukesha campus

kathleen dorfner2Both of my knees needed to be replaced, but I was very apprehensive about it.  I kept holding off, even though the pain was excruciating at times.  Then about two years ago, I fell.  After falling, a rod was placed in my ankle, with strict orders from the physician not to put any pressure on that foot for six weeks.  Living alone, the doctor suggested I go to rehab.  Never having a need for rehab before, I had no idea where to go.  I asked my work colleague where her father went after his stroke, because she was very happy with his progress and how he was treated.  That is how I decided to go to LindenGrove-Waukesha.  I was quite fearful of the whole process; but from the very beginning, I was made to feel comfortable. The nurses and CNAs were great; they were warm and caring, making the hours go by a bit faster.

However, the reason I was there was for therapy; but not knowing what to expect, I was not looking forward to it.  After being evaluated by the Therapy Department, I was assigned to a physical therapist (Kris) and an occupational therapist (Amanda).  When Kris came in that first morning; I was very apprehensive.  But by the time our first session was over, I felt so relieved.  Kris had a way of making you feel everything would be OK!  She was honest, friendly and kind, yet very professional.  Within a few days, I knew I could trust her.  The same thing was true about Amanda; and soon we all  developed a great rapport with each other.  They really cared about my recovery and wanted the best for me, which made me want to do my best - so important for recovery.  I learned a lot about myself through this whole process, thanks to these awesome ladies!  Hard to believe you can have fun during therapy, but we did!  When Kris or Amanda had a day off, the other therapists were very easy to work with and professional.   During therapy, I could see how well all the other patients were being treated.  What a great Therapy Department! 

Another plus was being able to attend Mass on Sunday...right in the facility. 

I now knew that I needed to address the knee problems, or I would probably fall again.  I retired, had the surgeries, and after each surgery, I returned to LindenGrove-Waukesha for rehab.  When you've had the best, why go somewhere else?  Kris and Amanda were there each time, which was very important to me and my recovery.  Since then, I have come back for out-patient therapy on my shoulder. 

I can now walk without pain and have a more active life thanks to the staff at LindenGrove-Waukesha.   


Kathleen Dorfner
Former LindenGrove Waukesha Campus Patient

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