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Customer Concern Line

Your call helps us provide the best possible care for all LindenGrove Communities residents

Who can call the LindenGrove Communities Customer Concern Line?
Any LindenGrove Communities customer wishing to express a concern is encouraged to call this line.

How will my call be answered?
The Customer Concern Line is connected directly to a voicemail box. Messages are retrieved twice per business day - in the morning and early afternoon. A message left in the late afternoon, evenings, or on weekends will be retrieved the next business day.

When I have a concern, should I call the Customer Concern Line first?
We encourage you to speak with a manager, department head, or administrator at the facility first. However, if you would be more comfortable calling the Customer Concern Line, we encourage you to do so.

Why do you want my name, phone number, best time to reach me, the facility, and person my concern relates to?
The best way for us to address a concern is to work with you to resolve the issue to your satisfaction. We will work best with you when we are aware of the most convenient time to reach you.

Why should I bother calling?
LindenGrove Communities has the same goal as you do: We want to provide the best possible care. We can only do this when we work together. Together, with your input, we praise the good and improve the less than perfect.

Please feel free to call and help us help you.
(800) 872-0835